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Acupuncture relief stress, anxiety and depression

Posted by tcmadmin on 01/05/2017
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Research shows that acupuncture for anxiety is effective.

Normal anxiety tends to be limited in time and connected with some stressful situation or event, such as a job interview. The type of anxiety experienced by people with an anxiety condition is more frequent or persistent, not always connected to an obvious challenge, and impacts on their quality of life and day-to-day functioning. While each anxiety condition has its own

Best Time To Get Pregnant

Posted by tcmadmin on 03/06/2016
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Best Time To Get Pregnant

Here are 4 tips of the best time to get pregnant for the couples trying to have baby naturally. 

I saw quite a few couples came to me with perfect test results but still couldn’t get conceived even though they’ve reported minimal emotional stress about infertility. Why these couples’ wishes of starting a family failed?  Usually they will be given a diagnosis called “unexplained infertility” which ends up with IVF/ICSI, however, this type

Nine Body Constitutions in Chinese Medicine

The concept of constitution is widely applied in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Constitutional consideration is an important process for clinical diagnosis and treatment. Understand your body constitution can be very helpful for disease prevention and maintain a healthy regimen. 

TCM claims that due to inherited and acquired influences, each of us has some uniqueness in regarding to structural, physiological and psychological aspects. These individual characters combine

Chinese Medicine:  Spleen and its Functions

In Chinese Medicine’s perspective, the spleen is  in charge with digestion, blood coagulation and fluid metabolism in the body. 

  • A healthy Spleen maintain effective transformation and transportation functions. there will be abundant nutritive essence for qi and blood.
  • After transforming food into nutritive essence, the spleen sends it upwards to the heart and lungs where it is transformed into qi and blood for nourishment of the whole body.
  • Not only does the spleen transform food

Chinese Medicine Approach to Excessive Phlegm Self-Check 

Feeling like your body is not balanced but couldn’t find anything wrong from a western medicine doctor? Chinese Medicine may offer you a alternative angle to see your health. Do a self check if you have excessive phlegm using Chinese Medicine approach.

Do you have the following signs and symptoms that compromises your life quality and well-being?


  • Lethargy, gets tired

The Kidney and its Functions

TCM practitioners view the kidneys as a very important organ that not only regulates the urinary system but also exercises control over the reproductive, endocrine and nervous systems. 

Summertime Delight: 6 Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

With lots of bitter melon harvests in the summer season, we can get nice and cheap bitter melon in supermarket.  Bitter melon is not only a common fruit but also has a lot of health benefits to people especially in the hot season. It’s rich in fibre, Vitamin C, Iron and calcium so it has immense value for those who are seeking to improve their health and

National Registration

Posted by Star 3 Media Designers on 04/11/2015
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National Registration

The Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) has been established in Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) on July 1, 2012. Since then, Chinese medicine practitioners must be registered with the CMBA in order to offer Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine services to the public.

HICAPS Avaliable Now!

Posted by Star 3 Media Designers on 04/11/2015
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HICAPS Avaliable Now!

HICAPS already active in our clinic, so you can directly claim for your treatments from your private health found.

Please Call: 08 9332 9925 for booking.

or SMS Booking:0425060072