TCM Health Care

TCM means Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It is a philosophy of life to guide us to obtain a physically and mentally balance well being.

This is the reason we named our clinic TCM Health Care because we aim to look after our clients to obtain a condition that is not only disease-free but also enables them control over and improves their health with Chinese Medicine.

TCM Health Care center was established in 2012 consisting of a group of attentive and experienced health practitioners.  We specialise in safe, effective therapies including Chinese Herbal Medicine , Acupuncture and  Meridian massage (Tui- Na)

A minimum Ten-years experience after completing tertiary degree and registration is essential for every health practitioner in our clinic. Our rich experience contribute to the optimal services that we can offer.

You can trust us if you have chronic pain, stress or depression, infertility or even more complicated medical conditions because traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture have already been proven to be successful.





Our Expertise Area







The careful integration of traditional oriental therapies and western modern medical theories lead to a synergistic outcome, which made TCM Health Care a trusted name and leading Chinese healthcare professionals in Australia.  As our client you will experience these superior holistic care valued by modern society.

Why Us

We are experts in Chinese Medicine, and work in conjunction with General Practitioners.

We have fully qualified and experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioners to give you excellent service.

We will work with you to care for your well-being and to prevent potential disorders.