Best Time To Get Pregnant

Here are 4 tips of the best time to get pregnant for the couples trying to have baby naturally. 

I saw quite a few couples came to me with perfect test results but still couldn’t get conceived even though they’ve reported minimal emotional stress about infertility. Why these couples’ wishes of starting a family failed?  Usually they will be given a diagnosis called “unexplained infertility” which ends up with IVF/ICSI, however, this type of infertility might not be a “disease” or “condition” rather is because lack of fertility knowledge therefore missing the best time to get pregnant.

Best timing in a lifetime 

Even though female reproductive organs mature during the puberty stage, mounting researches indicating that a higher mortality and abnormality rates are associated with pregnancy earlier than 20s. Having children later than 35 will increase the risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and down’s syndrome baby.  

Health professionals suggested that the best age ranges are 25-29 for women and 27-35 for men. Around this age, mature men and women are more stable in physical, financial and mental status.  

Nowadays, couples are delaying their plan to having baby because various concerns such as career, housing and lifestyle. However, don’t feel frustrated with missing the best timing of falling pregnant naturally, there is still a very high chances if we pay attention to the following tips. Moreover, seeking help of Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture will be a natural, non-invasive and sustainable way to improve the fertility. 


Best timing in a MONTH

Most of women preparing to conceive understand that the highest chance falls on the day of ovulation, however when it comes to practice it wasn’t made in the right way. 

Theoretically, 12 hours after ovulation is the best timing to try to conceive. However, no matter what type of ovulation monitor, it is only tests a day range of possible ovulation (better monitor only shortening the time range) but not telling exactly what day even what time the egg pop out. Sperms usually lives longer but the time needed for sperm moving into uterus is also hard to accurately predict. Egg only live for 24 hours, so it can’t “wait” for the sperm. In our clinic, we suggest couple start to try to conceive 2 days to 1 week prior to ovulation. when it getting closer to ovulation time we can use BBT chart, urination test or even blood test to predict the ovulation time. Let the sperm “set off” first to meet the egg, it increases the possibility of conceive. 

Best timing in a day 

There are best times for a lifetime, a year and a month, is there a best time in a day? Even though the answer remains uncertain, a research indicates the best time of a day is 4pm- 7pm. 

However, according to our lifestyle it is suggest night time would be the best time. First thing in the morning will also be a good choice as both of the couple get rest. Anyway, the best time is the most energetic and relax moment. Last but not least, it is worth to note that, ladies trying to conceive are better to allow 1-2 hours after sex, don’t get up straight way as to let the sperm have enough time to move into uterus. 

Unfortunately if there still no success after trying these useful tips, think about alternative health and Chinese medicine which might provide some healthy instruction to your lifestyle and dietary from the ancient Chinese wisdom.  Our experienced practitioner will carefully check your signs and symptoms and build up your health profile therefore taylor a personal health regime for getting most readiness for a successful conceive.

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Best Time To Get Pregnant
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Best Time To Get Pregnant
Health professionals suggested that the best age ranges are 25-29 for women and 27-35 for men. Around this age, mature men and women are more stable in physical, financial and mental status.
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