Chinese medicine for PCOS


How does Chinese Medicine treat PCOS? 

From a practical point of view, there are two different approaches to the treatment of PCOS:

• a single focus on facilitating the release of eggs and conception.
• addressing all the metabolic issues inherent in this disease, which is a

more complex approach.

Generally, a PCOS patient who is trying to conceive will be more interested in achieving regular ovulation than in losing weight or preventing heart disease or diabetes in the future.

By focusing on ovarian activity and ripening and release of eggs, doctors of Chinese medicine use treatments that are aimed primarily at re-establishing the healthy function of the ovaries.

Acupuncture is particularly useful in this regard and, as you will see from the discussion of research below, has a proven track record.

An integrated approach to treat PCOS

A large number of trials in China have examined the combined effect of Chinese herbs and Clomid on women who were not ovulating. They typically showed better ovulation and pregnancy rates when compared with control groups given Clomid alone. When patients with PCOS prove to be resistant to the effects of Clomid, pre-treatment with Chinese herbs for two months has been shown to overcame this resistance and ovulation can be induced.

How to prevent PCOS – from a Chinese Medicine’s perspective