It depends on your health issue. But after the initial consultation with Kathy Wang will recommend what will be best for you. Some of our clients have had complete symptom relief after one treatment. However, Kim specialises in genuine recovery for good health long-term. Therefore, more treatments are likely to achieve this aim. Fertility treatments may require weekly treatment until conception occurs.Typically, it takes several visits for a positive reaction to take place. Again, we are trying to cause mechanical and biochemical changes without any pharmacological means. Therefore, we are looking for a cumulative response to achieve a certain threshold after which the pain cycle is disturbed.

Generally, three treatment levels can be used to determine the frequency and longevity of treatments: acute symptom relief, restorative and continuing care. This gives you a clear idea of my plan for you to relieve symptoms and try to maintain your existing health! Know what to expect by these general stages of treatment:

Acute Symptom Relief Level: an acute pain and/or another condition is interfering in your ability to function in your daily activities as usual. The treatment plan: more frequent visits over the next few weeks or months to relieve and reduce the intensity of the symptoms as quickly as possible. For example, a patient with acute back pain may have 1-2 visits each week for two to five weeks. Remember that each individual is different and some acute pains can be treated more than others. Other will possible notice relief after one or two treatments.

Restorative Care Level: acute symptoms have been relieved and treatments are decreased in frequency. This level maintains the gains in your health you have made and sets the foundation for a continued deeper healing. Even if the most upsetting symptoms have been alleviated, it is important to continue your treatments as they have a cumulative effect in the body. Over a longer period of time the body will maintain the progress towards wellness you have achieved.

Continuing Care Level: a longer-term support plan with less frequent visits, monthly or even seasonal for preventative maintenance. This supports strengthening your body’s resistance to illness and keep you optimally healthy.

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