• Use the special spoon attached in your powder sachet to measure a certain amount of herbal powder. usually 3-4 spoons (6-8g).
  • Put the powder in a cup and pour boiling water into the cup; then stir and drink it warm. If any residue remains at the bottom because of the sticky characteristic of a particular herb (usually a nourish type of herb), repeat the same process and drink it again, so that you don’t waste any powder.
  • The process of drinking Chinese herbal powder is similar to drinking instant coffee, except the powder may not dissolve in boiling water as quickly and easily as instant coffee and the powder may not taste as good as coffee. If you don’t like the taste of it, you can also put it in empty capsules, which are available in health food stores. Alternatively, you can place the powder on your tongue, hold your breath and wash it down with a cup of warm water. Wash any residue down with another cup of water. This should be done twice daily.
  • prepare some lolli you like to mask the bitter taste of the powder after you drink it.


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