Good Food For Your First Trimester

In these first 3 months, our diet and life style should follow these principals.

  1. Sufficient blood flows to the uterus and the lower back to support gestation and the healthy growing of the embryo.
  2. Regulate the yin and yang balance of the stomach to avoid morning sickness 
  3. Tonify the Qi and Blood to avoid lethargy and fatigue because you are eating for two now. 
  4. Reduce exercise level to protect the uterus and associated muscle to provide a calm and stable environment for gestation

Vegetables: in these 3 months, the new mom would need to eat more “earth” vegetables which tonify the digestion system. Earth veggies usually are the root of plants such as turnip parsnip, beetroot (particularly good for blood!) sweet potato and pumpkin, carrot. 

Meat: All sorts of meat are welcomed at this stage. Red meat such as lamb and beef are especially good for nourishing blood and in western medicine supply iron levels. Some women with low iron levels would be prescribed iron tablets which might cause constipation. Some Chinese Medicine such as red date, sticky red rice, Ginseng and astragalus are easy to get from the grocery store. 

Cereal: We highly recommend eating unrefined coarse food grains such as cereal, multi-grain rice, brown rice, legume, nuts, oatmeal and corn. These food grains are believed to help promote healthy movement of the stomach therefore our energy in Chinese Medicine. Moreover, we’ve noticed that a lot of new moms have low Vitamin B levels, therefore, would cause fatigue and lethargy. 

These food grains are full of the vitamin B complex. 

Fruits: Berries are exceptionally previous for pregnant women or those trying to get conceive. 

In Chinese medicine, Goji berry and raspberry are the two most important herbal medicine that has nourishing and controlling nature to prevent miscarriage. However, we don’t recommend strawberry (even though it is delicious and you can’t resist) as it might bring heat to our bodies. Fig, plum, grape and banana are good for controlling morning sickness and vomiting. 

In the first 3 months, some foods strictly need to be avoided. 

Raw meat, sashimi, canned food, potatoes that store for a long time, crab, aloe vera, too much yogurt and salad. 

In the second Trimester, everything seems to get settled and usually new moms will feel the most stable during these 3 months. The need for the foetus is increasing rapidly. In this trimester, the principles of the health regimen are balancing mind and body to stabilise the foetus. New moms at this stage can enjoy more variety of food with a better appetite. There is nothing important than having a joyful life with nice food. 

However, we need to pay precise attention to the immune system as a lot of pregnant women get sick such as gastro, head cold and cough. 

In the last trimester, we have to be careful with premature pregnancy.

Eat more food that contains elastin and natural gelatin such as cheese, tofu, sea cucumber, snow fungus (tremella), seaweed and pork knuckle. It helps to prevent the stretch mark from developing. 

Avoid food that might cause uterus contraction such as icy cold drinks or frappes, however, a little bit of ice cream can help to reduce the heat in the body. 

Oedema (lower limbs) sometimes affect women in the last trimester (or even since the second trimester), the following foods are helpful to increase the liquid metabolism (Jin Ye distribution in Chinese Medicine) therefore reducing oedema. 

Red Bean, Goji berry, Ginger (moderate), Octopus, asparagus, Wintermelon and Barley seed. 


Last but not least, Chinese Medicine suggests women in the last trimester should pay attention to reducing the heat. The heat is also known as “Foetus toxin” (Tai Du). It is believed to be generated by the baby’s  

Other famous Chinese Medicine “An Tai” (pregnancy safeguard) diet therapy.

“An Tai” means safeguarding the pregnancy in terms of preventing possible miscarriage, abnormal contraction and premature labour.  

The following food are highly recommended to eat in the last trimester:


Nuts include walnuts, sunflower seed, pine seed and chia. 

Lotus seed-highly recommended

Beef and chicken broth

Corn stigma (the outside loose hairy stuff of corn)

Lots of root vegetables

Soy products such as tofu, soya milk, soybean.