Introducing Telehealth for Chinese Medicine 

We would love to take care of your health as much as we can!

We are offering live video consultations for our new and existing patients. 

This means you can sit back at home and consult with your preferred practitioner using your mobile device, tablet or computer for consultations, examinations, recommend treatment and follow-up care without travelling at all.

Telehealth appointments are suitable for:

  • All new and current clients receiving treatment or seeking Chinese Medince consultation, diagnosis and personalized advice from our experienced practitioner.
  • Clients who live far away in a rural area.
  • An elderly client with mobility challenges.
  • High-risk client who needs to stay home.

How it works

You can book an appointment by phone or by the online booking system. You will get a confirmation email with a link that jumps straight into the call. ( No login or password is required—just one click and you’re in!)

Before your appointment time, you’ll be asked to complete our new patient check-in form.

For telehealth appointments, the consultation fee can be paid using a credit card before your appointment.

After your consultation, we can post Chinese herbal medicine directly to your home by Express Post.

How to book your telehealth consultation?

If you are currently receiving treatment and would like to have a telehealth consultation with your usual practitioner, please speak to our friendly clinic team.

To book a telehealth appointment as a new patient please call 9332 9925 or book online via this link